The goal of Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) is to contribute to development of the national economy and enhancement of national life through new exploration, technological advancements, development, and dissemination in the field of aerospace science and technology.  So KARI researches core technology for aircraft, satellites and space launch vehicles. KARI supports development of national aerospace policies, supply, distribution and dissemination of information regarding aerospace technology. Also KARI supports joint utilization of test and assessment facilities with the industry, academy and research institutes and collaboration with aerospace-related small and medium companies. KARI also supports training of professional human resources in the major mission fields.

KARI is dedicated to inspiring our future generations to develop their careers and enthusiasm for space to achieve the goals of KARI. KARI operates various program for the public, teenagers, university students, teachers and so on. For program information regarding KARI’s education programs, please visit the following pages: www.kari.re.kr/eng.do

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