The Agencia Espacial Mexicana is a decentralized public body of the Federal Government and sectorized in the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

Our Mission:
Touse science and space technology to meet the needs of the Mexican population and generate jobs with high added value, promoting innovation and development of the space sector; contributing to the competitiveness and positioning of Mexico in the international community, in the peaceful, efficient and responsible use of space.

Our vision:
Have a sovereign and sustainable space infrastructure for observation of the earth, navigation and broadband satellite communications, which contributes to improving the quality of life of the population and the economic growth of Mexico.

The National Program of Space Activities consists of five Guiding Axes that give the guideline to a series of strategies and lines of action to comply with the provisions of the Law.

In turn, these Guiding Axes give name to the five General Coordinations that make up our structure:

    • Formation of Human Capital in the Space Field
    • Scientific Research and Space Technological Development
    • Industrial, Commercial Development and Competitiveness in the Space Sector
    • International Affairs, Regulations and Security in Space Matters
    • Financing and Management of Information in Space Matters