The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Comprised of 22 Member States, ESA provides and promotes, for exclusively peaceful purposes, cooperation among European States in space research and technology and their space applications.

The ESA Education Office is designed to support, encourage, and promote the sustainability and evolution of Europe as a knowledge-based economy and society through:

  • motivating and enabling young people to enhance their literacy and competence in scientific and technological disciplines (STEM)
  • motivating and enabling young people to pursue a career in these fields – in the space science and engineering domain in particular;
  • raising awareness about the importance of space in modern society and economy.

The Primary and Secondary Education Programme uses space as a content-rich, interdisciplinary and inspirational learning context for the teaching and learning of STEM subjects. The Programme offer includes: School Projects, Teacher Training, European Space Education Resource Offices(ESERO) , Classroom Resources, and ESA Kids.

The ESA Academy is ESA’s overarching education programme for university students. ESA Academy takes undergraduate to PhD students through a learning path that enriches and compliments their academic education, enhances their skills, boosts their motivation and ambition, makes them acquainted with the standard professional practices applied nowadays in the space sector, and makes them better prepared for the labour market. The Programme offer includes: ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Programme (TLP), and ESA Academy’s Hands-on Space Projects: Fly Your Satellite!, the European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO), Fly a Rocket!, Fly Your Thesis!, Drop Your Thesis!, Orbit Your Thesis!, Spin Your Thesis!, Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition, and REXUS/BEXUS

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