Each year the ISEB members sponsor a select 60 to 80 university-level students to attend the ISEB Student Program at International Astronautical Congress (IAC); the world’s premier space event where all global space actors come together. The IAC includes networking events, talks, and a technical program on advances in science and exploration, applications and operations, technology, infrastructure, and space and society.

The ISEB Student Program is designed to supplement and enrich students’ experience at the IAC, providing the opportunity to attend specialised events, presentations, panel sessions, and meetings with senior representatives. In addition, the students are given the chance to present their research papers at the highest international level and to develop their international networks within academia and industry.

ISEB works closely with the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), and with the IAF’s Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC), to develop the comprehensive Student Program and to offer an exhibition area at IAC, called the International Student Zone (ISZ), where ISEB members can promote their education programs and host events, and where ISEB students can gather to network.

Standard Activities of the ISEB Student Program at IAC

  • Cross-cultural Workshop: an interactive workshop for the ISEB-sponsored students, exploring themes and skills, such as cultural awareness and communication in an international forum, which can be utilised throughout the IAC and beyond.
  • Networking Activities: events where students can practice networking skills, and specially organised meetings between ISEB-sponsored students and ISEB member high-level officials.
  • Outreach activities with primary and secondary school students: on the public day of the IAC, ISEB hosts local school children in the ISZ to participate in hands-on STEM activities, lead by VSSEC and facilitated by ISEB-sponsored students.
  • Interactive Q&A Session with the ISEB Heads of Agency: a premier event of the week, where ISEB-sponsored students can interact with the Heads of Agency of each ISEB member. The event is open for viewing to other congress attendees.
  • Lunch Sessions: throughout the IAC, lunch sessions are hosted in the ISZ, where ISEB-sponsored students present their research, and expert panels take place. Lunch sessions are open for viewing to other congress attendees.
  • Social Events: dinners throughout the week, and a full day event where students will engage in cultural activities of the local region.
  • Educator Professional Development Workshops: a dedicated workshop for local Primary and Secondary school educators that takes place prior to the IAC. It features curricular theme-based, interactive sessions with a focus on hands-on experiential learning. The EPDW is organized by ISEB and SEOC, and conducted by VSSEC and local education experts.

Past ISEB Student Programs:

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