Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency aims to realize a safe and affluent society using space and the sky. By utilizing leading technological developments, JAXA will deliver achievements along with broader wisdom to society based on following code of conduct.

  • Jubilation for human society: Provide enjoyment and surprise to people by evolving our lives.
  • Aspiration for creation: Aiming for higher goals and continue to be aspired for creation by facing up to and overcoming any difficulties.
  • Responsibility and pride: Faithfully act with responsibility and pride to confidently meet the expectations of society.

JAXA fosters children’s enthusiasm for objects and phenomena, motivation for experience and learning, struggle toward achievement, joy of success, and discovery of new horizons for the future society. To realize them, JAXA aims to assist in such learning as well as physical and emotional growth and development in STEAM education.

For more information, visit the JAXA Space Education Center website: http://edu.jaxa.jp/en

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